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Instant FX Profits-Online Coaching Course Package - Currency Trading for Beginners
Here is a bit of information that will surely help you in your quest to conquer the Forex markets and what you will get with your IFX Trading Package.

IFX Profits Module 1
Getting started with "Forex Trading Power Jumpstart" (US$ 297 Value)


The major trading currencies in the market - picking the correct currencies is a must in

order to earn thousands of dollars

Forex Trading Brain Transplant Manager– This prepares you to start trading with an   

expert even if you have zero experience

How to calculate your profits for every single trade
Special characteristics of all major currencies - you will discover special tricks on how to make decision on what to trade every single day
How to earn huge and massive profits in an uptrend market
 How to profit in downtrend markets - this is the #1 most important skill you will learn to help you trade like an expert

By the time you get through this module, you will know all the ins and outs that took Kishore M 3 years of research in Berkeley, and most importantly, you start at the ground free from beginners mistakes!


IFX Profits Module 2
"Simple Step-by-Step Videos on Opening & Operating Your Trading Account" (US$ 297 Value)

A detailed step by step tutorial getting you started on the right foot by introducing you

to a forex broker that is honest and reliable

Get your trading accounts approved instantly - shortcut your application

process time by 50%.

Easy account setup & guided tour of your trading account

Buying and sell inside your trading account - pressing the wrong button will cause

you to  bomb out

How to automate your trading account so that you can buy and forget


IFX Profits Module 3
"Instant Trading Strategies" (US$ 497 Value)

Trend Determination – Kishore M gives you a detailed explanation of how to determine

the trend and ensure that you are NOT trading against the big boys

Learn how to use different time frames to confirm your daily and weekly trade

How to define your entry and exit targets, and trade profitably at each entry and

exit points
Support and resistance - know exactly how you can make more money

How to determine whether a market is being overbought or being oversold before you

make your decision to trade


IFX Profits Module 4:
"IFX ADVANCED Trading Strategies" (US$ 697 Value)

Discover how to gain back door access by peeping in on what the big players are


The step by steps guide to making thousands of dollars daily

Kishore M most powerful strategy: FX Futures, combining futures trading and

spot forex - just this strategy alone can make you $100,000 a year


IFX Profits Module 5:
"PROFIT from Global Data and Economics Calendar"
(US$ 497 Value)
How to forecast economic conditions & profit from them

Learn when major bank currencies will announce news that will shake the forex market &

explode your income

The economics indicators that have strong influence on price movement & how you can

capitalize it

How each economics indicator affect currencies and when you should pay attention to it


IFX Profits Module 6
"Money and Equity Management" (
US$ 397 Value)

How much you should invest in each trade

Essential money management rules to ensure that the odds are firmly fixed in your


The right trader mindset - setting your foundation to help avoid problems

Crucial question that you should ask yourself before you make any trade

Step by step plan in generating $2000 a weekly consistently

What is the most important thing in trading that 90% of the traders ignore

The 10 irrefutable traits that all traders must develop and attain.


The next module helps you to AVOID the most overlooked MISTAKES of most traders so that you manage very well your trading equity


IFX Profits Module 7
" LIVE  Trading with Kishore M" (US$ 397 Value)

Step by step- A-Z, video on how Kishore M" research currencies on a LIVE forex market

before placing your order

You will get to see how Kishore M" actually apply the forex profit strategies that you  

learned in LIVE forex market 

You will get to see how Kishore M" operate his trading account to place an order &

make profits from the LIVE forex market



wait there's more!**HIGH-VALUE**
SPECIAL BONUSES in excess of $10.000 FOR YOU!!

IFX Profits Bonus #1:
Instant FX Profits Complete Manual (US$ 297 Value)

This manual is used in conjunction with the accompanying video tutorials that provides you with technical information concerning your forex trading system.

It provides you with many proven trading tools and strategies used by professional traders to earn money consistently through the forex market. For your quick reference, Kishore M" has included the manual of the whole course. You can access all the screenshots, detailed explanations, indicators and online resources right at your fingertips.


IFX Profits Bonus #2
Instant FX Profits weekly Daily Alerts for 1 Full Year (US$ 998 Value)

The exact currencies to buy every day

The exact currencies to sell every day

The exact entry and exit points of each of your trades

The exact strategies that his team will implement in each of the trades

Spend less of your precious time watching the Forex market trying to identify the right price to buy or sell. Instead, Kishore M" tells you what he buys and sell every single day.He has a professional forex trading team monitoring and analyzing currency pairs, almost 24 hours a day. Make your own trading plan every single day, this is what you will get every single week.

It's just like having Kishore M trading beside you, telling you what to buy, what to sell, when to buy and when to sell !!


IFX Profits Bonus #3
Charting Online Website-The ONLY Secret Holy Grail Tool you need (
US$ 997 Value)

You will be reveal a secret tool that I Kishore M has been using. It is a secret website that I personally use to do all the charting, and get access to the latest currency news, which is the ONLY holy grail tool that you will need.

He reveals to you:

Step by step tutorials in exploiting this tool

The exact settings that I use in setting up the tool to implement all the strategies

How to use the secret tool to find the exact entry points and exact exit points for all of your trades


IFX Profits Bonus #4
Instant FX Profits VIP Lifetime Membership (
US$ 497 Value)

You will become Kishore M Instant FX Profits lifetime VIP member. Here is what you will get in this membership:

Lifetime email support

Lifetime Chat support

Lifetime access to Instant FX Profits membership site, where I will constantly update & upgrade the online course materials - which means you will receive lifetime updates for FREEl

IFX Profits Bonus #5
Exclusive Access to Weekly Trading Room (US$ 967 Value)

Trade the Richest Market in the World where you can trade and make money on a daily basis with a minimum investment. The FX Trading Room places a heavy emphasis on Technical but will also include Fundamental and News Based Trading. The participants will learn how they can make money in both sides of the currency market.

We usually emphasis in taking 20-100 pips per day i.e. 200$-1000$ in small amounts of consistent profits from trading currency on a daily basis but also sometimes enter into a position trade to ride the long term trending Market. Since FX has very little correlation with the stock market i.e. if the stock market is going down, FX market may not go down in fact could be going up. Hence you can diversify your portfolio and move into FX trading.


IFX Profits Bonus #6
Certified FX Course from Metropolitan Business School (UK) (US$ 397 Value)

With Kishore M's Online Course Every Trader Can Get CERTIFIED

Instant FX Profits from Kishore M is the ONLY Forex Trading course that is certified by a Tertiary Institution.

PowerUp (Kishore M's currency trading training company) has taught the art of self-directed trading to tens of thousands of traders all over the world.

Whether you are a traditional investor or day trader, PowerUp education can help you gain the knowledge and expertise needed to trade the currency markets.

PowerUp cooperates with MBS (Metropolitan Business School of UK) to certify Instant FX Profits course as a professional trading course.


IFX Profits Bonus #7
Graduate Gathering 2009 Private Recording **NEVER TO BE SOLD** (US$ 497 Value)

This private recording will never be SOLD to public. It is ONLY included as a SPECIAL BONUS of Instant FX Profits online course members.

How student Mona turned $1000 to $163,000 in 2 months

How Bellum clocking $50,000 per month

How Fridah is making $8,000 - $10,000 per month

How Raj makes $5,000 - $28,000 per day

Live trading session, where they trade live during the graduate gathering in year 2009

This is a private video recording that has just been added as a SPECIAL BONUS for the Instant FX Profits online course. It is a video recording of a special graduate gathering with Kishore M’s top performing students. In this video, you see will how the top students trade LIVE using his strategies.

Closely Guarded 100% Accuracry Forex Strategy 




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