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How To Dominate Amazons Best Seller List 

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How To Dominate Amazons Best Seller List

How To Dominate Amazon’s Best Seller List” is one of the few books that focus on successfully selling products on Amazon as an affiliate, entrepreneurs or big or small business owners. And the solution is to SELL YOUR OWN PRODUCT. This is virtually an untouched area of Amazon because many of the sellers are coming from eBay where you are dependent on customers to bid on your product causing sellers to drop prices just to make a sale. And if no one bids on your product then you don’t make a sale. Hence they have very little knowledge about marketingproducts online as an affiliate marketer would have, so for this reason this area of Amazon is virtually untouched.

Dominate Amazon’s Best Seller List is broken down into in 3 parts starting with Building Your Business  where a number of things are touched on such as Underground Marketing Techniques, Preparing Your Website or Blos, Identifying Your Target Audience, Driving Traffic to Your Site or Blog. Then to part II - Polishing Your Efforts to include Choosing Your Niche, Finding Your First Product To Promote, the  Rules Of Engagement and finally Part III Take Action, continuing on with different strategies for Building Traffic, a great of list of DO FOLLOW Websites, more about Driving Traffic to your website through Article Submission, Steps to Successfully Promoting Products on Amazon or any other platform, to include the Amazons FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) center ending with Food for thought, which is a re-cap of everything that’s contained in the Dominate Amazon’s Best Seller List manual.

These are the Bonuses that you ger when you order your copy:



The best niche to enter are the ones where your chances of getting high rankings in all three search engines are good. Finding Niche products is not that hard, first you have the products that are in the main NICHE category such as the Weight Loss Market - which supports a ton of sub-niches. Lose Belly Fat, Get Killer Abs, etc… And for each one of these niches you have the sub-niches and there is a ton of money to be made marketing products from sub-niche markets.  The three essential elements of a good niche product to promote High demand, Low supply and Potential profit, if the product that you are promoting meets these three demands then you have a good product to market.


Value - $37.00
New Release


Are you still being told that getting thousands and thousands of visitors is as easy as clicking a button? I know that it is a favourite past time among marketers is to try and sell you on the idea of making money withhout any effort, but in reality it never happens like that. In my guide 'Article Cannon' I tell you exactly how to use articles to drive real, targeted people to your sites where you can get them to click on ads, sign up to your list and make you money! I explain the whole process so you can get real, honest traffic to your site that won't get your accounts closed and watch all your work going down the drain!


Value - $27.00
New Release

PLR CHEATER -Exclusive Bonus

Are you using the power of PLR yet to explode your business? I collected PLR for years, even though I never really was the value in it, I always thought that some day I'd get round to using it. Only after I really sat down and started to develop a system did I realise how easy using PLR makes it to create your own super profitable products! Most of the hard work has been done for you, the research, the writing, the ideas, already done for you and handed to you to legally to use as YOU see fit!

Value - $35.00

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