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50 Alternatives to Google Adsense
Maybe you’re not seeing an adequate return on your Adsense ads and want to see whether you can do BETTER with something other Adsense? Check out this list and see if they are actually cheaper than Google

Adagency1 offers 70% payout - net 60 days via Stormpay.

To qualify:

  • site must be written in English
  • site must have 15,000 or more monthly impressions.
  • site must be professionally designed and include useful content
  • site must have top level domain (
  • site cannot contain any adult content
  • site can not infringe on any personal, intellectual property, or copy rights

Select offers from a diverse range of advertiser partners and ad placement options including:

  • WebSelect: Select from cost-per-click, cost-per-acquisition and revenue-share offers. We provide you with real-time reporting and net 15 payouts.
  • RegSelect: Co-registration platform enables affiliates to supplement their registration path with advertiser offers. will host and serve creatives and landing pages to your site.

Ousted from the CJ network in December 2005 for being "non-compliant" and because CJ "identified a series of isolated violations with Azoogle and has worked closely with them to rehabilitate and make the necessary corrections, to no avail", AzoogleAds continues on as a CPA network that places great emphasis on lead generation through email marketing.

In addition to offering third-party affiliate program management, AzoogleAds' in-house programs center around debt relief, credit card assistance, satellite dishes, dating, car quotes and loans, and extended warranties.


Pays monthly, by check or with Pay Pal- a minimum of only $10.

All ads are pre-approved by Bidvertiser's editorial team, but you can block unwanted ads as well. Only the highest bidders' ads are shown on your site. Detailed reports are available.

Note: Yet another merchant/advertiser that doesn't recognize countries with states and provinces outside the U.S. :-( (Try putting Canada in the drop-down folks!)

Buds Media

Pays 60% of gross, Net 30, via PayPal, Check, Wire,Xoom etc.

Remove unwanted campaigns, and opt-out of broad 'unsavory' categories such as Active X ,SpyWare, 728 banners, Banner/pop combos, Wide Skyscrapers and Gambling ads.

Burst! Media

BURST! delivers more than 4 billion monthly advertising impressions, across 477 content channels, for its more than 2,000 specialty-content web sites.


  • Represent specialty content. Portals, search engines, and sites of links to other people's content generally do not meet the criteria.
  • Have at least 5,000 page views per month.
  • Site language must be English.
  • Have a publicly stated privacy policy.
  • Agree to post BURST!'s Demographic Survey somewhere on the site.
  • Reside on its own top-level domain.
  • NO content or links to adult or sexually explicit content.
  • No unmoderated content.
Casale Media

Your site must receive more than 10,000 unique visitors per month, attract an English-based audience, and be hosted under a root domain to qualify for Casale.

Pays 70%, Net 30.

Chitika eMiniMalls
Although they serve up the most attractive contextual ads, the jury still seems to be out on the Chitika eMiniMalls network. With many affiliates reporting income audits with losses of 30 - 50% of their expected Chitika earnings, numerous publishers have pulled the plug on this fledgling contextual advertiser, still in beta. While Chitika publishes Net 30 payments, so far that hasn't been the case, and to make matters worse, rather than sending publishers notice of this contravention of their terms of service, they merely posted in on their blog. Maybe they haven't heard about 'blog to email' yet? Follow the boards on this one though and cross your fingers that they rise to meet their initial expectations.
Pays 65% - on 25th of the month for the previous month by check or Non-exclusive, no volume contracts required.

Pays up to 85% of the advertising revenues, net 15 terms on a bi-weekly schedule. Check (min. payout: $50), or PayPal (min. payout: $20).

Media includes Text Banners, Graphic Banners, Pop-Under Advertisements, Search box and XML feed to host on websites or blogs.

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Don Ridgeway CEO-RCMG Marketing Group help steer beginning marketers, entrepreneurs and start-up business owners in the right direction to help enhance the experience and profitability of their online business, by teaching them the value of recognizing and removing the 4 MAIN HURDLES which are keeping them from online success.
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