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How To Write A Squeeze Page
By Don Ridgeway | Date Submitted: March- 15- 2009

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Writing a squeeze page is similar to writing a pre-sell.

Now that we have located our niche, we need to set up a squeeze page and try to solicit names to our list. A squeeze page is basically a one page website, with the sole purpose of collecting names for our list.

A good squeeze page can attract signups rates up to 70% maybe even higher. All interested subscribers entering your marketing funnel can be sold over and over again with repeated email promotions.

A good squeeze page consists of the following features:

  1. an eye grabbing headline
  2. an introduction (who are you?)
  3. what are you offering to people who sign up
  4. call to action
  5. privacy statement
  6. sign up box

all of this information should fit on a single web page without having to scroll down. This will ensure a high subscription rate there are essentially two options here:

  • simply send all signups to an affiliate link for the product you are going to be recommending.
  • Send the subscriber through to a pre-sell page for one of the products you want to promote.

If you decide to redirect subscribers to your pre-sell page, try to get them to make an impromptu purchase. This will help you recoup your ad spending fast.

There are two ways to do this.

Firstly, offer them a bonus that is only available from your page – the idea of a bonus is a way to get more subscribers to purchase the product. One thing that will guarantee maximum conversion is a time-sensitive bonus. You should state that this bonus in only available through your “thank you for joining us ” pre-sell page, and that they will have only one chance to order the product and get the bonus.


Setting up your squeeze page and queuing up your auto responder message takes time. you may want to write your squeeze page and queue up only a few messages before you start promoting the page.

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